PTZ Security Cameras Sold by Nesuniq

Nesuniq offers full HD 1080p wireless ptz camera, 5MP POE PTZ cameras, 5MP wifi PTZ cameras.

PTZ camera is representative of the development of modern surveillance. It integrates multi-functions such as color integrated cameras, gimbals, waterproof, and intercom. It is easy to install, simple to use but powerful and is widely used in wide-area surveillance. It can be used on many different occasions, such as backyard, residential, farm, local market, storefront, wildlife monitoring…

Comparison Among Nesuniq PTZ Cameras


Title5X Zoom 2MP WiFi PTZ Camera5X Zoom 2MP WiFi PTZ Camera5X Zoom 5MP WiFi PTZ Camera5X Zoom 5MP WiFi PTZ Camera18X Zoom 5MP POE PTZ Camera18X Zoom 5MP POE PTZ Camera
ResolutionFull HD 1080p- 1920*1080Full HD 1080p- 1920*10805MP- 2560*19205MP- 2560*19205MP- 2592*19445MP- 2592*1944
Card SlotYes, Max. 128GBYes, Max. 128GBYes, Max. 128GBYes, Max. 128GBYes, Max. 64GBNo Card Slot
AudioYes, Build-in Two-way AudioYes, Build-in Two-way AudioYes, Build-in Two-way AudioYes, Build-in Two-way AudioDo Not Support AudioYes, External One-way Audio
Lens5x optical zoom f=2.7mm~13.5mm Len5x optical zoom f=2.7mm~13.5mm Len5x optical zoom f=2.7mm~13.5mm Len5x optical zoom f=2.7mm~13.5mm Len18x optical zoom f=4.7mm~84.6mm Len18x optical zoom f=4.7mm~84.6mm Len
Powered ByWifiWifiWifiWifiPOE- Power Over EthernetPOE- Power Over Ethernet
Recommend AppCamhi or  CamhiproCamhi or  CamhiproCamhi or  CamhiproCamhi or  CamhiproHiseeDanale
SpeedLow Speed-domeLow Speed-domeLow Speed-domeLow Speed-domeMedium Speed-domeHigh Speed-dome
Night Vision165ft (50m)165ft (50m)165ft (50m)165ft (50m)262ft (80m)328ft (100m)

Full HD 1080p Wireless PTZ Camera

They are extremely the same products, just different color, black and white. Actually on amaozn, this product just sold by different sellers. If you want to buy a 2mp wifi ptz camera, we would recommend you these two cameras. Here are the reasons:

Firstly, the avaerage customer view rate are high, that indicates the quality of these products are good, at least not bad.

Secondly, they come with the extension cable for free. For those who do not have an extra power soket near the camera, it would be fantastic.

The Same Products that Sold by Different Sellers

5MP POE PTZ Camera

Why we need a POE PTZ Camera?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) helps to transmit videos and power via just one network cable. It reduces the number of wires and has greater installation flexibility. There is no need to run special wiring to install this camera – the power to the camera, video transmission, and PTZ controls are all provided by ethernet network cable for easy setup. For larger installations, you can extend the video signal up to 300ft (242m) with a single run of standard Ethernet cable (CAT5 or higher) for flexible installation.

Compared to the wireless camera
1. the POE camera do not need an extra power socket near the camera
2. the signal is stronger and more stable than the wifi camera even though your house has several walls between the router and the cameras.

Which One is Better?

These two cameras are both best for home & small business use.

Imagine you have a large area that needs to be covered, and also need a clear image or video. This 2592x1944p PTZ with 18x optical zoom is just for you. 18x zoom catch further distance and 5MP catches more clear details

Imaging you need to monitor several famous places, to create a cruise for your security, then the speed is the first consideration. High-speed means the pan tilt and zoom can move fast, some of our customers said that it is too fast, do not worry, cause the speed can be adjusted.

  • 5MP 2592x1944p resolution
  • 262ft night vision
  • PoE+(802.3at) (Power over Ethernet)
  • Remote access with free “Hisee” APP.
  • Motion Detection with Email Alart
  • 5MP HD Security Camera
  • POE security camera, an easier, more simplified way to install
  • Remote Live View & High-Speed Dome PTZ Camera
  • Support Audio (External Audio Pickup)
  • Onvif Compatible & Tech Support

Testimonies from Customers

…But what makes this camera special is the first class customer support provided by the company. …contacted Nesuniq via their contact page. The communications page advises that it could take at least 10 hours for an initial response due to the many time zones between the USA and China.
I did receive a response within an hour. … After that was completed (the following day due to time zone delay) customer support updated the firmware via TeamViewer and the camera works properly now.
I was impressed with the quality and attentiveness of the gentleman that helped with this issue. There are a lot of ptz cameras for sale but this one stands out due to the quality of the product support…

…And I also like how responsive the customer service was in helping me resolve my issue with the defective camera…

…almost daily contact regarding resolving the setup issue I spoke of. I am amazed at the customer care and the genuine concern for resolving the issue…

… I have confirmed that once the memory card is full, it overwrites the oldest files. With 128 GB I can record video 24/7 and always have the prior 8 days of images available. I’m liking the camera and I’m very pleased with their service. (And there was a 12 hr time difference.)…

.. and the company manufacturing or selling them has been very attentive when in comes to communication! Have a problem, hit’em up… they’ll help ya out…