Though it is a wireless PTZ camera, it supports two kinds of connection, 2.4g wifi (do not support 5G) and ethernet cable wired connection. The wifi can be easily installed outdoor and indoor in your house, no messy cabling.

But, it is not a good choice to do the wifi connection if this camera is two far away from your router, also, if it has two many walls between this camera and your wifi router.

The picture shows all the ports interface:

  1. is the RJ45 port, you can connect this camera by wired ethernet cable.
  2.  is the power in port, No matter you use wired or wireless connection, this camera must be connected to a 12V 2A(3A, 4A) power adapter.
  3.  is the audio port, this camera support an external two-way audio speaker. (This will comes with the camera)
  4.  is the reset button.