This is the ultimate guide to review the most popular 2.5-inch smart PTZ camera. If you are looking for a wireless PTZ camera, you’re going to want this smart wifi pan tilt zoom camera. And let us be clear about something: this is NOT a soft advertisement to push you to buy a wireless PTZ IP camera. We’ll cover the most important things that we as a customer care a lot. So if you’re looking for a wireless PTZ camera or you are going to buy this smart wifi pan tilt zoom camera, you’ll love this guide.

Optical Zoom
MP Resolution
Feet Night Vision
Pieces IR LEDs

Questions Before Buying A Wireless PTZ Camera

This is a cute appearance that is not plastic but metal, the whole meta of the shell. When we are buying a PTZ security camera, we may care about these: Is it a high-speed or low-speed one? “What is video resolution?” “What is the lens’ optical zoom?” “Is it an analog or IP camera?”, “How many functions – for example, with wifi, PoE, audio, SD card, or not – does this camera have?”

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Below are all the same products except the color Black and White, we gathered them together. We must say, this wireless PTZ camera is really a good quality product, you can see all the customer reviews are 3.9+ stars out of 5.

We find out all the same products for this wireless PTZ camera, to let you make a better purchase decision that suits you. Here we highly recommend the “Nesuniq”, cause it is the only one that comes with the extension cable, and the price is cheap, and actually, they are made by the same manufacturer.

The 2MP(1920*1080) Wireless PTZ Cameras

The 5MP(2560*1920) Wireless PTZ Cameras

Here Comes The Questions

Question 1: The Same Products, Different Listings, Which One Should I Buy?

Before answer this question, we should first ask ourselves, should I buy a wireless PTZ camera? We mean why not a POE PTZ camera? So we highly recommend you read the whole contents in this post to know more about this wireless PTZ camera and then you decide to buy it or not.

Question 2: Which seller or brand should we buy from?

There are two main factors you should take it seriously: the price and the customer service cause these pan tilt zoom cameras are different, they are more technical.

Wireless PTZ Camera Introduction

Pan Tilt and Zoom

With 2.7-13.5mm 5X optical zoom and the auto-focuses lens moves you closer to the objects in view to display more details. Includes 355 degrees horizontal and 120-degree vertical rotation range to cover much more of a certain area with no blind spots.

Full HD 1080p (1920*1080)

Wireless & WiFi

This wireless IP PTZ camera comes with superior Wi-Fi performance, equipped with a 5db antenna. It provides you more stable Wi-Fi connections, and it’s easy to set-up via IOS and Android devices through the free app.

#Compared to the normal IP PTZ camera, what is the advantage of the wireless one?
The biggest difference of them is not that the wireless PTZ camera can remote view and remote control on a smartphone, tablet PC and PC, actually, MOST of the IP PTZ camera can do that too.

#Advantages of the Wireless IP PTZ camera
When the RJ45 cable is empty, only powered by the camera, there is an AP mode called IPCAM***** (*refers to unique numbers). That means you can connect to the camera directly after the wireless PTZ camera powered on.

If you want the camera for the local view instead of on the internet, then you do not need to connect the Ethernet cable to your router. Just download the free app Camhi.

The wireless camera makes it possible to not need any extra cables to connect to the router. You can still use the wireless PTZ camera by typing its IP address to the browser with a max distance of 20m.

Two-way Audio

Listen-In Audio: Security cameras with listen-in audio come with a built-in microphone that can hear and record audio.

Two-Way Talk: Along with a built-in microphone, two-way talk security cameras also include a speaker that allows you to speak and listen.

Support SD Card

50m IR Night Version

Equipped with advanced night vision with 6pcs high-performance infrared array. LED lights allow for extended viewing distance to 196ft. It can still capture 1080P HD video.

Motioin Detection

Detect all motion within range, sending alerts to your smartphone, or connected device, when motion is detected. Can create distinct motion detection zones with customizable controls. You can fine-tune the sensitivity and thresholds meters of these zones.


The aluminum-alloy body and housing make the PTZ IP camera an IP66 waterproof rating. It works perfectly outside even in harsh weather conditions. Waterproof and fog proof for optimal outside usage.

Camera Features Summarization

Similar Products with High Rates On

How To Install?

What’s in the box?

Two Basic Types of Power Connection

wireless connection for wifi ptz camera

Wireless Connection

Original Power adaptor + WiFi: If the power outlet is near the camera installation place(less than 5ft), just connect the camera to original power adaptor, and transfer data via WiFi.

Wired Connection

Original Power adaptor+Ethernet Cable: This camera can also works as a traditional wired camera, if you do not have a POE power device, and the installation position is too far from router, this way could keep camera work stable to avoid interference.

Which one is better?

Both of these connection is available for smartphone or tablet PC remote view. But if you are using a desktop computer, then we suggest the wired connection, if you are using the notebook, then choose wireless connection.

Note: the wireless connection support Max. 20m from the camera to the router, but the wired connection support Max. 50m.

How To Remote View?

As we know, this 2.5-inch wireless PTZ camera has two basic connections, one is wired, the other is wireless.

  1. Wired type: need PTZ camera adaptor, router, ethernet cable, PC, or smartphone
  2. Wireless type: need PTZ camera adaptor, router, PC, or smartphone

After we install the 2.5″ wifi PTZ camera, we have 3 methods of Remote View. Yes, we want to remote control and remotely view the camera anywhere, anytime! Before setting the function, please make sure that you choose the wired connection or wireless connection. We have suggested that, if you have a notebook, then choose the wireless connection; but if you have a desktop computer, then choose the wired connection.

1. Via Free APP Camhi

Step 1. Visit Goole Play or APP Store, search the free APP Camhi, download and install.

Step 2. Choose one of the basic connections, wired connection or wireless connection, whatever you want.

Step 3. Add Camera (there are four way to add camera )

#1 Scan QR code and UID
#2 Search Camera from Lan
#3 Wireless Installation
Note: The 1st and 2nd are available for the wireless connection, and we highly recommend the first and second one. If you use the wired connection, then all ways are available for you.

Step 4. Connect the camera and remote view available

2. Via Windows PC

This wireless IP PTZ camera has its own IP address. the default IP address is DHCP (the software finds available network settings for the wireless PTZ camera automatically).

For example, my tested wireless PTZ camera’s address is, which means my wireless router automatically assigns an IP address of to this camera. Maybe your router will assign an IP address of No matter it is or, you only need to visit that address by typing to your browser.

How do I know the IP address of my wireless PTZ camera?

#1 Turn on the Camhi APP, if you have connected the camera, then go to setting→Device Information, you can see the IP address of the wireless IP PTZ camera.

#2 Use the “Search Tool” to check the IP address of the wireless PTZ camera. Download the search tool here and follow the installation below.

Download now, Click here

Now you can remote view & remote control via Internet Explorer web browser

3. Via Software CMS

If you have any other IP cameras, like fixed lens IP cameras, or other wired IP cameras, then I highly recommend you use the CMS software, cause it allows you to add max. 128 IP cameras to manage.
CMS is client management software, you can download the software and install it to your PC.

After installation, add a device, the username is admin, password is empty.

Download here, Click now

Some Useful Operations

Presets and Tours

Thanks to its pan tilt and zoom function, you can use this smart wifi ptz camera set the tours to monitor some areas at the same time, these tours are designed to cycle through a number of your defined location presets. You can named the different areas as preset 1, 2, 3…

All of the pan, tilt, and zoom features can be used during a tour. Call 76 to run the tour. for example, you have set preset 1, preset 2 and preset 3, if you call 76, then the wireless ptz camera will circularly run the route from preset 1 to preset 3 You can also create a simple “pattern” movement that will automatically cycle the camera’s viewpoint between two presets.

Quick Preset Calling Commands

Call 76 Cruise Open
Call 78 to force infrared open
Call 80 to turn off infrared
Call 90 to force white light open
Call 82 to enter automatic light detection mode
Call 245 to control the direction of rotation
Call 246 to control the direction of rotation
Call 247 to slow down the speed of the pan/tilt
Call 248 to adjust the speed of the pan/tilt to medium speed
Call 249 to adjust the speed of the pan/tilt
Call 199 to restore all functions to factory setting
Call 88 to clear all presets
Call 86 to restart the pan/tilt

At Last…

If you have a NVR, what if I want to connect to a NVR, cause I can use my NVR to recording a long time video(long time video need more storage), and most importantly, the NVR can make the 7/24/365 recording, that means, I can use my NVR to record every day every minute.

Watch Complete Setup Video

We made the complete video, just make sure you can know more about this wireless PTZ camera. The video is about 12 minutes and 57 seconds. Do not forget to leave us comments. We will continue to take videos to follow your comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

One is for power, the other is for the ethernet, What is the 3rd one do? The third one is a reset button that puts the camera back to factory default. Maybe you would be wondering, why it need a Lan cable for ethernet cable connection since it is the wireless PTZ camera.

Well, this port is for backup use. Yes, it is a wireless camera, which means you can install the camera wherever you want to WITHOUT an ethernet cable after you connect the camera to your router. Usually, you need to use the cable to connect to the internet, but this one is wire-free.

Camhi, you can download on Google Play for Android, or App Store for iPhone.

This wifi PTZ camera do not hae the auto tracing function. Compared to the other PTZ cameras, its main features is Wireless and with Two-way audio, and support SD card.

The default IP address of this wireless ptz camera is automatically, you can check out from the free APP Camhi. also you can also get the IP address by installing the search tool.

There is a micro SD card slot inside of camera, you need to open the cover of SD card slot, then insert SD card inside it.

The 6 ir lights make the night vision more clear and stable night video and pictures.

Yes, but first you should set the wifi configuration. that is to say, when you got this camera, you should connect it to the internet.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Via free APP Camhi
  • Via VMS software

Know how, please read this post.

I guess you should download the free app on apple store, and add this camera to Camhi.

You can follow the video here:

Camhi to add the camera on

Yes, this wireless ptz camera has one group cruise function.

You can set different presets, and then call 76 to run your customize areas.

Within 20m(65ft)

The wifi is its extra connection way, you can also connect by an ethernet cable. anyway, the wifi distance is about 20-30m, but the ethernet cable would be longer.

You can see there are 3 cables of this wifi PTZ camera, there is an ethernet cable port there.

I am afraid can not supported by

Yes, but this camera support SD card up to 128G, if you want more storage, you can use your DVR, then you can connect it to your Hikvision via ethernet cable.

then add this camera to your DVR, because this camera support onvif.

After you connect the camera, you can search out the camera, and then add it to your DVR directly.

Stationary viewable angle is 96°~26.2°, this means when zoom in,the angle is 26.2°, and when zoom out, the angle is 96°.

Sorry, it can not support solar power. As far as I know, there only the 4.5-inch size PTZ camera supports solar power. you can search on Amazon.

It is 15 FPS (frame per second).

The FPS affect the fluency of the picture, proportional to the fluency of the picture:

The larger the frame rate, the smoother the video.

The power supply is not waterproof, but the WIFI PTZ camera is waterproof.

You can purchase a waterproof box to protect the power supply.

I must say the manufacture’s user manual is bullshit, it is hard to understand. Yes, this camera comes with English, French, Italy, Russian language, but it only shows the connections and hard to understand.

So I highly recommend you read this post when you purchased this wifi PTZ camera, also you can watch the video search ptzlink on youtube.

Yes, but when using the APP to control, it is a little hard to operate, I mean it will delay 3-5 seconds. The good news is that you can use the browser to control the pan tilt zoom function.

And this post shows how.

Yes but the image is not good.

It is very simple, you don’t need to open the camera, just screws some screws at the back of the camera.

The camera works with 2.4Ghz WiFi ONLY, 5GHz WiFi is not supported

No windows desktop, but you can download the VMS software, and add the camera to the software to manage.

As long as the Blue Iris supports onvif. The blue iris is a software that used to manage different IP cameras, just like the default software VMS that comes with this wifi PTZ camera.

You don’t need a DVR(that support NVR function) or NVR cause this wifi PTZ camera support 128G sd card. the 128g micro SD card and set the recording to 900 seconds and it records in 15 min clips for 7 days and then begins overwriting.

But you can also use the NVR too, as long as it supports onvif.

As long as NVR is ONVIF-conformant, it is compatible with this wifi ptz camera. but the NVR must can decode the 1080p resolution, yours are 720p NVR system, I am afraid it can not be connected to the 1080p wifi ptz camera.

Yes, but they will renew the old video after about 7-day. You know compared to the 1T hard drive, 128G is not a big deal.

You don’t need extra cable cause this camera support wifi connection. but the wifi connection only supports 20m, if you want longer distance, then you can run an ethernet cable.

For example, this camera is installed to a place that 20+ meters far away from your router, then I recommend you choose the ethernet cable connection.

This camera is built-in audio, it is two-way audio.

Yes, as long as the camera connects to the network.

See how from this post. I have written all the details.

If you can not use your wifi, you must have forgotten your wifi password, you can connect to the tech guy to revise your password.

But there is another way to connect to this camera. To use the Camera AP spot, you know this camera is wifi camera, there is an AP mode of this camera, the wifi name is IPCM_XXXX(X refers the numbers, the different camera has a different number, mine is 796628), the default password is 01234567.

After you power the wifi camera, connect to the AP, use the APP Camhi to add this camera.

Don’t need, this wifi PTZ camera’s audio is built-in two-way audio. you add the camera on the CamHi app, then you can control the camera by the phone app

To use this audio function, first, you should turn on the audio and press the voice icon

This wifi PTZ camera does not work with 5GHz band wifi, please make sure your smartphone and camera are connecting to the same 2.4GHz band wifi.

As I mentioned on the post, there are three ways to remote view. and need these software:

  1. Search Tool
  2. VMS

This camera can be installed to the wall, but need to dig some holes. if the metal can be dug, then it can be installed on metal siding.

On the bottom. You have to remove 2 screws

5x zoom ptz camera card slot

Yes, but need to connect to the NVR, and hook the hard drive.

One camera can only be accessed by four users(it also counts if the same user view the camera via the app or the software or the IE browser at the same time).

Yes, the IR lights will be turned on and off automatically, it depends on the brightness of the environment.

But, you can also call the preset number here

Call 78 to force infrared open
Call 80 to turn off infrared
Call 90 to force white light open
Call 82 to enter automatic light detection mode

Not exactly, you can use the camera’s AP mode, then you can directly connect to the wifi PTZ camera. But it is only for the local view.

Yes, you can set different scheduled time as long as you like.

If the video recorded on your mobile phone, then you can choose the video and delete.

If the video recorded on the built-in micro card, then you can go to the record-setting via the web browser.

This camera is wifi PTZ camera cannot work with POE, but you can use with POE splitter.

Need to download the app to your iPad and iPhone, and then add the wifi PTZ camera to the device again.

Watch the video here

I have contacted the manufacturer, there is no corner mount. only for wall mounted.

Yes, you can set different presets, then run the cruise.

Yes, you can call the preset 80 to turn off infrared.