Wireless pan tilt zoom security camera may be nice to have if you want to keep your house safe while you work out. Cables are annoying and cost you more when you are considering to make a home security system. Prices for wireless PTZ cameras range from inexpensive to costly. We hope this list helps you pick out a best suitable wifi PTZ security camera.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to buying wireless pan tilt zoom cameras, the experience is a little different than purchasing wired one.

Actually, firstly, wireless is rally a good solution especially you want to keep your house clean when you install the security cameras, just plug and play, wireless signal transmit distance Max. 40m which I think it is enough for a house indoor or outdoor.

Secondly, you can save a lot for the install labor cost cause it is wire free, without punching on the wall. It is easy for DIY.

However, as it is wifi, the biggest challenge is the transmission distance. the distance between the wifi ptz camera and the router range from 15-40m. especially, if there is a wall interval, the signal is weak, which make the image or video unstable.

Best Wifi PTZ Camera Outdoor

What’s in common for these wifi PTZ cameras?

Firstly, they are made by the same manufacturer but sold by different sellers, so the operation for each camera is the same

Secondly, they are all rated by high ratings, avg. 4+ star

So, if you have a chance to buy one outdoor wifi PTZ camera, but have some questions that need to check, then read the faqs below, we gather all the customer questions for this kind of camera, and answer them carefully will details.

Customers Asked Questions and PTZlink’s Answers

In order to buy an affordable and reliable outdoor wifi PTZ camera, we have listed all the questions asked by customers, and answer them one by one. As long as the camera uses Camhi or “Camhipro” APP for remote view, then you can choose your best wifi PTZ camera by reading the related faqs.

Compared to the most CCTV security cameras, Any pan tilt zoom cameras in the market are a little expensive. After you have decided to purchase one, we highly recommend you to read first, then to decide to buy these wifi pan tilt zoom cameras or not. And we really hope you can leave us more new questions for us.

About Pan Tilt and Zoom

The camera does not support full left and right, it is not 360-degree endless pan, but 355-degree pan, the tilt is Max. 120-degree.

These cameras support tour function, if you have set sever presets, for exampe, preset 1 is 1x zoom, preset is 5x zoom, then you can have this camera run all the presets and zoom in and out.

Well, if someone intentionally get the lens dirty, then you must take it off and then wipe it clean. but if the dirty water only drop down naturally, then the lens is safe.

About Motion Detection and Email Alarm

Step 1: Set Motion Detection Areas
Step 2: Set Alarm Linkage
Step 3: Set Alarm Email

Email Alarm Setting

About Storage (Fees)

These all pan tilt zoom camera only support local sd card storage, do not support cloud storage, so there is no fees. But you need to buy a extra micro card, and they support Max. 128G, it can save about 10-day data.

Yes, you have three ways to watch and download all the video without removing the card.

  1. The free App “Camhi” or “Camhipro”
  2. The client management software “HIP2P”
  3. The Internet Explorer Broswer

The default storage route is the SD card, but you can change that. But if you want to save the data to your computer, then we are afraid that your computer should 7/24 hours standby.

SD-micro Class-10, UHS-1 or higher high speed memory card for record. Formatting the SD card if the camera can’t read it. They support Max. 128GB

About Remote View & Remote Control

These ip cameras support remote view and remote control by mobile devices, like smartphone(Android and iPhone), tablet PC and PC. All you need to do is download and install the “Camhi” or “Camhipro” on mobile devices or PC.

Here is the example

Yes, but only for local monitor not for remote. We mean, this camera will creat a wifi signal itself, and you can only use your mobile device to join its wifi, but you can only view in a limited distance. For example, if you are in travel, or far away from your camera, without internet, you can not keep an eye on your properties.

When you are using the web client application, we highly recommend you the “Internet Explorer”, and when first installing, it will ask for your permisson.

The video’s format is h264, if your Mac do not support h264 video, then it can not be viewed. You can:

First, change the format H264 to mp4 or

Second, watch and download on the APP “Camhi” or “Camhipro”

We are not sure what is your app is. But these cameras’ default mobile app is “Camhi” and “Camhipro”, default PC software is “HIP2P”.

If you have a PC software support onvif, then it would be ok. as for your mobile app, you can have a try.

About Setup Guide

You can install the free App “Camhi” or “Camhipro” and add your 3 cameras to the App.

Or you can install the client management software “HIP2P”. Watch the video below

Yes, as long as you input the same UID number and password.

Yes, as long as you connect this camera to the internet, and share the same router with your computer, then you can use the “Internet Explorer” to remote view and control these cameras, only need to type the ip address.

Do not support solar power, you need an extra DV 12V 2A power adapter, which will come with the product.

Yes, camera supports both wireless and wire connection. You can connect the camera to the NVR via CAT5(or higher) cable.

About Apps

Sorry, they only support “Camhi” or “Camhipro”

Please kindly know these cameras do not have Mac software.

Sorry, this camera only support “Camhi” or “Camhipro”

About Reboot, Restore and Factory Setting

Reboot: Reconnect the power to restart the camera

Restore: Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds and the camera
will restore to factory setting.

outdoor wifi ptz camera cable

outdoor wifi ptz camera cable

About Power Supply

About Troubleshooting

If it shows that, then you should check your exist one, they must be the same UID number. If so, we suggest you to delete all the cameras, then add one by one again.

Other Questions

Camera Operating Environment: -20℃~+60℃(-4℉~+140℉), Humidity 10%~90%

Our Statement

In order to save your time and allow buyers to purchase their affordable and reliable outdoor wifi PTZ cameras, what we all recommend are high-rated products, but when we do this, we ignore those new products that list on Amazon. So if you are looking for the new products, please contact us or leave us a message, we will select the best one for you through our system and professionals.

Full HD 1080p Wifi Cameras | 5X Optical Zoom

Same products that sold by different sellers(brand).

Full HD 1080p Wifi Cameras | 18X Optical Zoom

Same products that sold by different sellers(brand).

5MP Wifi Cameras | 5X Optical Zoom

Same products that sold by different sellers(brand).

Other high rating 5mp outdoor wireless PTZ cameras

5MP Wifi Cameras | 18X Optical Zoom

Actually, the real lens is 18x optiacal zoom