In recent years the development of POE (Power over Ethernet) power supply technology has become more powerful. With a series of advantages such as simplifying installation, deployment of power equipment, energy saving, and safety. POE has become the new favorite wireless coverage for security monitoring, and smart grid.


It is an IP Security Camera

Security camera refers to the camera used in security. An IP security camera is a new generation of cameras that combine a traditional camera and network technologies. It can transmit images to the other end of the globe through the network, and remote browsers do not need any professional software, as long as a standard web browser ( monitor images like “Microsoft IE”)

It is a Pan Tilt Zoom Camera
The pan tilt zoom camera called a PTZ camera. It integrates a color integrated camera, pan/tilt, decoder, protective cover, and other functions into one. It is easy to install, simple to use but powerful, and widely used in large areas. It is a special camera whose pan, tilt direction can be rotated and its lens can be zoom in and zoom out.

It is a POE Camera- Power Over Ethernet
PoE (Power Over Ethernet) refers to some IP-based terminals (such as IP phones, WLAN access points APs, network cameras) without any changes to the existing Ethernet Cat.5 cabling infrastructure. While transmitting data, it can also provide DC power supply technology for such devices. PoE technology can ensure the normal operation of existing networks while minimizing costs while ensuring the security of existing structured cabling. A complete PoE system includes two parts: a Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and a Powered Device (PD).Power Supply Equipment (PSE): An Ethernet switch, router, hub, or other network switching device that supports POE. Receiving device (PD): In the monitoring system, it is mainly the network camera (IPC).


1. Wiring has been simplified, and labor cost is reduced saving cost and time.

2. It’s safe and convenient. The POE power supply will only power the equipment needed. The Ethernet cable will not have voltage unless the needed equipment is connected, avoiding any chance of leakage in the line. You can also safely mix legacy and POE devices on the network, which can co-exist with Ethernet cables. In addition, one can extend the video signal up to 328ft (100m) with a single standard Ethernet cable.

3. Remotely manage data transfers. POE can monitor and control the device using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). This provides features such as night shutdown, remote reboot, and more.


Our Reviews: This POE PTZ camera is Full HD 1080p, and whole metal shield waterproof, it is cheap enough for the POE cameras, and it is a better choice for indoor use cause it is only equipped with a 4x optical zoom.

But there is a disadvantage, this camera is small enough, and the motor was driven by gear not a belt, so when it’s planning, the video will jump, it is not that smooth and steady. But it is cheap.

Our Reviews: The biggest advantage of this POE PTZ Camera is that it support cloud storage, that means you do not need to buy an NVR for the 7/365 recording. and is equipped with a 12x optical zoom lens, which makes the IR night vision up to 328ft. But the resolution is a little lower for this price.

Our Reviews: 2560×1920 Super HD, IR camera with built-in 6pcs IR LEDs to achieve amazing 190ft night vision range in dark, it is a higher resolution POE PTZ camera, it is best for the 5G era. But the optical zoom is too small, only 4x zoom, if you have a not that huge yard or place to monitor, then it is the best choice for this one.

Our Reviews: High-speed is a core factor when we choose a PTZ camera, this POE camera equipped with the 20x zoom(actually it is 18x zoom), it is suitable for large areas like parking areas, garage, backyard, front yard, etc. Full 1080p is just so so, but it would be excellent if it has higher resolution, like 4MP, 5MP.


IP66 Waterproof
IP66 is waterproof. Whether it’s light rain, heavy rain, snow, or strong winds, this camera will continue to record with zero issues. Being able to withstand temperatures ranging from -22 degrees up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The body design provides stable performance both indoor and outdoor.

4.5-inch Small Size
4.5 inch IP66 Waterproof body construction provides stable performance both indoor and outdoor ( Warehouse, Home, Office, Supermarket, Parking, Farm, Villa, Museum)

Ultra HD with 5.0 Megapixel High Resolution
This POE PTZ camera contains a 5-megapixel image sensor capable of recording a 2K pixel resolution of 2592 x 1944 at 30 FPS (frames per second).

Powerful Outdoor POE PTZ Camera
There is no need to run special wiring to install this camera – the power to the camera, video transmission, and PTZ controls are all provided by ethernet network cable for easy setup. For larger installations, you can extend the video signal up to 328ft (100m) with a single run of standard Ethernet cable (CAT5E or higher) for flexible installation.

5MP Outdoor POE PTZ Camera Specifications

Image Sensor1/2.5″ Aptina 5.1MP High-Performance CMOS Sensor
Imagine Resolution5MP
S/N Ratio>50db
Horizontal Rotation Speed240°/S
Horizontal Rotation Range0°~360°
Tilt Rotation Speed60°/s
Tilt Rotation Range0°~93°
Preset Points22
Guard Tours3 groups
Guard PointsMax.16 points
Focus Length3.9mm-85.5mm
Focus Control22X Optical Zoom
Night Vision
Infrared LED7PCS Array IR LEDs + 2PCS Laser Lamp
IR Range80m
Day-night modeAuto
Network InterfaceBuilt-in RJ45 network interface, support 10M/100M IP DATA
Stream TypeMain Stream / Sub Stream / MJPEG
Operating TemperatureIndoor: 0°~ +40° Outdoor: -40°~ +60°
Operating Humidity≤90% Non-Condensing
PowerDC12V 2A/3A
Lightning ProtectionTransient voltage 6000V


When we are talking about installation to security cameras, usually we have three things to do.

  1. Choose a wire connection: The different connection among normal power adapter, POE power adapter, and POE switch.
  2. Test: Before installation, we highly recommend you to make the right connection and simple test its function.
  3. Installing: Choose a high, broad angle, mount your camera to the wall, attach to a power source and troubleshoot any connection issues.
  4. Some useful operation guides: Fast and easy setup for the outdoor POE PTZ camera

Choose Wire Connection

This is an outdoor PTZ POE camera, no matter you are a newbie or a professional CCTV camera installer, we are still want to tell you that there are several connections of this camera.

Non-POE Connection
If you do not want to use the POE Function, or you are a newbie to the POE PTZ camera, then you can use the normal power adapter, only need to plug in the socket and then power the PTZ camera.


normal power adapter-connection for 5mp poe-ptz camera

Via POE Adapter
A POE adapter is needed, when you choose this connection, compared to the normal connection, it can help you solve the trouble of wiring, cause you don’t need to install a power socket beside the POE PTZ camera, only one Ethernet cable connection between the PTZ camera and the POE power adapter, most importantly, the cable can be up to 200m.


poe injector connection for 5mp poe ptz camera

Via POE Switch
Compared to the POE power adapter, the POE Switch can connect up to 10 pieces PTZ camera at the same time at one NVR. This kind of connection is suitable for people who already have multiple POE cameras.


poe switch connection for 5mp poe ptz camera

Test Your PTZ Camera

Since it is your first time to use this outdoor POE PTZ camera, we highly recommend you to test it before hang on the place or area you want to monitor. Usually, we will test its pan tilt and zoom function, remote control by free APP, website browser, and VMS software.

1. Testing the Pan Tilt Zoom Function
Every PTZ Camera has its pan tilt zoom function after power to the camera, the PTZ camera will test by itself through its pan and tilt direction rotate and zoom-in zoom-out function. And it is a high-speed dome, the Max. Speed up to 240 degrees/s, super-fast.

2. Testing the Free APP Remote Control
Before you do this test, please make sure you connect the POE PTZ camera like this and choose one of the three types below


① Download and Install the Free APP Hisee on Google Play or App Store

② Add this POE PTZ Camera to the Free APP Hisee

③ Remote view and remote control operation

Very simple 3 steps, see the video below. However if still met some problems when using the free APP, please go to the FAQs section.

3. Testing the Web Browser Remote View & Setups
Again, choose the connection type you would prefer to. and then follow the steps below

Using the web browser to remote view and set up the POE PTZ camera means that you input the camera’s IP address to the browser so that you can log in the camera’s system, and set many different parameter and function you want to.

So, choose the connection type you would prefer to. And then follow the steps below

① Download the 【Search Tool】here to install it to your PC or notebook.
② Use the tool to find the IP address of the camera
③ Input the IP address in the web browser to log in to the camera’s system
④ Do some settings or remote view.

4. VMS Software to Manage Your Security System
We talk too much about all the things about single POE PTZ camera in the home security system, what about the people who have many different POE cameras, for example, 5 fixed lens bullet POE IP cameras and 2 dome POE IP cameras, and now they want to purchase this POE PTZ camera, can this POE PTZ camera add to the exited security system for remote control?

Of course, if you want for only local view or local control, you need to connect this POE PTZ camera to the NVR via the Ethernet cable. (PS: local view means that you don’t want to make this security system to the internet, you only can view the real-time image or video in the local place, for example, if you put the security system in your bedding room, then you only can view or do some setting in your bedding room)

But If you want the remote view or control (watch the real-time image or video at any time anywhere), you need a central management system to gather them to one and make it easier to manage. Here is how:

① Download and Install the VMS software
② Create an area or Add to the exit area
③ Add the POE PTZ camera to the area.
④ Active the camera online



1. Make A Diagram of Your Security Monitor Needs
As we knew, the PTZ camera is best to monitor a large area, so you need to know what areas you want to watch the most. Watch your house around and note where you want to place this camera and check out the install place to make sure it is not blocked by anything. We suggest you install these places:

  • Front and back doors.
  • Off-Street Windows.
  • Driveways.
  • Porches.
  • Stairways

2. Choose The Best Angle for Your POE Camera
When you adjust the angle of this POE camera, make sure you can clearly see all entries and exits. You don’t need to consider the power outlet, because it is a POE camera, you only need to run an Ethernet cable to the camera, and you only should notice the cable’s waterproof things.

If you are mounting a camera outside, place it at a higher location so that it cannot be easily knocked down.

3. Mount Your Camera to the Wall

  • Place the bracket where you want it to be installed by using a pencil to mark the wall where each screw should go.
  • Drill a hole for each screw using an electric drill.
  • Use a screwdriver to screw each hole, screwing the bracket into the wall.
  • Position the camera to the desired angle.

4. Attach the POE Camera to a Power Cable
This is a POE camera, so you don’t need to have a power socket on the side of the camera. You only need to plug a network cable into the RJ45 connector of this camera, and then use a POE power supply to power it on the other end.


Presets and Cruises
Monitor the important surveillance areas by the PTZ speed dome camera can be achieved by calling the presets.

When the pan/tilt is running to the place, the PTZ camera is given a command to set a preset point, and the camera records the position and associates with the number of the preset point. When a calling command is issued to the camera, the pan/tilt immediately runs to the point at the fastest speed, and the camera returns to the state of memory at that time, thereby facilitating the monitoring personnel to quickly view the monitored area.

A preset position is for the function of the PTZ camera. By setting the preset position, the dome camera can remember the specific scene, so that the dome camera can be quickly rotated to a specified angle and zoomed out to a specified magnification.

Cruise means that the PTZ camera rotates according to the specified trajectory.

Fast and Useful Operation- the special presets

Special PresetsFunction
0~50 presetNormal preset
X + PresetSet Preset X
X + CallCall Preset X
47 + PresetSet the left boundary
48 + PresetSet the right boundary
55 + CallLeft and right auto scan
82 + CallLeft and right auto scan
51 + CallA patrol from 1 to 10 preset
52 + CallA patrol from 11 to 20 preset
53 + CallA patrol from 21 to 30 preset
54 + CallA patrol from 31 to 40 preset
88 + Call A patrol from 1 to 10 preset
89 + Call A patrol from 11 to 20 preset
90 + Call A patrol from 21 to 30 preset
91 + Call A patrol from 31 to 40 preset
60 + CallIR on
61 + CallIR off
62 + CallIR auto
63 + CallIR all on
100 + Call IR on
101 + Call IR off
102 + Call IR auto
103 + Call IR all on
98 + Call360-degree continuous scan
83 + CallClear settings
93 + CallRestore factory default settings
95 + CallMenu(Does not apply to 4times zoom speed domes)



The higher resolution, the better, that would be always right. But, the higher resolution, the more expensive, so it depends on the places or objects you want to monitor, one of my customers in UK said he wants to catch the man who always scratched his car, so he needs a very clear image or video to see that guy’s face, if so, I think the 5.0 megapixel POE PTZ camera is best for him, with the 18x optical zoom, it can catch about 100m object at a clear image.

for you, you should think that if it is suitable for you, cause spend less money and get the suitable one is your best choice.

Optical Zoom

On the market, the optical zoom ranges from 4x to 36x, the larger zoom is, the longer distance can be monitored. please noted that some PTZ camera suppliers will state the fake optical zoom, for example, the camera is 18x, they will mark it 20x, even 30x zoom and they can be displayed on the screen, they trying to convince you this is a real 30x or 20x optical zoom PTZ camera.

This is a REAL 18x optical zoom PTZ camera and it can reach to 200m vision, with 6pcs IR LEDs, the night vision is about to 100m.

Third Party Software’s Compatibility

When I was an eBay seller, I always receive my customers’ complains, that a PTZ camera cannot be added to his iSpay, Blue Iris software. So when you decide to buy a PTZ camera, especially you have already bought some IP cameras, you should first make sure it is compatible with your exit security system.

Warranty and After-service

I still remembered one of the customers asked me to help him update his one IP PTZ camera that he bought from others, cause he cannot find that seller anymore. I helped him find that seller and gave him the contact information, but he still asks for my help because the seller never answers his email.

Finally, I try to find the camera’s firmware version, but he forgot the login password. Until now, I feel guilty that I did not help him out.

So, please when you decide to buy one of this kind of camera, make sure the warranty and after service, this kind of camera is a little complicated, think twice before ordering.

Dome Camera Speed

It is hard to imagine that when you want to catch some surveillance areas quickly with low-speeded PTZ camera. For example, you have a large area to monitor, let’s say your large yard, but actually you only have three places are important to you, so you set three presets, to run the cruise from prest 1 to 3, if it is a low-speed dome camera, you will miss a lot.

In this situation, I highly recommend you choose the High-speed dome PTZ camera, they can support up to 240 degrees/s, just like this one, it is a high-speed dome POE PTZ camera.


You should make sure is Amcrest NVR normal NVR or POE NVR.

If it is a POE NVR, you need to ensure whether its built-in switch supports PoE+ (802.3at), which means at least 25w per port, cause this POE PTZ camera needs at least 25w power to run all the function. If less than 25w, then you only need to use a POE adapter, it works to your Amcrest NVR too.

If it is normal NVR, then you have to use a separate POE+ injector or a POE adapter to power the camera. In terms of connection, you can either connect the camera and NVR to the same router or plug it directly to the back of NVR (only if it supports 802.3at and supply enough power).

The field of view when zoomed all the way back is approximately 56 degrees. The IR LED can be disabled but the IR-Cut will turn on/off together with the IR LED. and you can enable this by calling the default preset command.

For now, Internet Explorer only.


When firs use the web browser, need to download and install a plugin. the Device Config option is on the top line of the web interface. However, if you didn’t see the “Device Cfg” option, that means the web plugin isn’t successfully installed. Please download the plugin, close the browser and install the plugin before logging in.