About PTZlink Team

We are the members of the PTZlink Team. We live in Shenzhen, China. We go by “PTZLink” on all our social media platforms because the brand and I are so intertwined. We have been part of the PTZ camera industry member since 2015, and we are an eBay seller before. During the past several years, we learned a lot of PTZ camera knowledge and trained ourselves as factory-trained engineers. Most importantly, we clearly know what are the customers’ concern a lot. The idea for ptzink.com is to provide honest information about different PTZ camera and PTZ camera system. We want these blog posts to be the last destination for people making up their mind about picking the best product that fits their needs. Whether it’s an analog PTZ camera, IP PTZ camera or PTZ camera system, you can find my unbiased reviews here on PTZlink. Please take a look and don’t forget to leave a comment.

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